New mix from Disco Stu...Listen here:




Check out Disco Stu'd new mix..Great vibes.



Chris has just been working with the Real Nice boys finnishing off a new track. Sounding large...

Check the preview here:


John has just released this on Kote Records:

Pick it up here while it's smoking hot!


Here are some snippetts from a few of chris' new tracks:

 and a rather luscious mix as well, enjoy:

12th June 2012

Our DJs will be hitting various parties and festivals in the uk over the summer months

Some of these will include:

Glade this weekend - Disco Stu & FORM

Chris @ Hazlestock on the 29th June

Chris and John at Goosebury tree on the 7th July

More info & party news soon x


Feb/May 2012
Great Success!! Our very own John Monkman & Disco Stu are currently sitting pretty at the top of the Beatport Deep House charts!

+ No 6 on the overall beatport chart! Great work guys! Grab it here:

John Monkman & Disco Stu - Dont have to be beautiful

Beatportal Bomb alert!


UltraDelux welcomes DiscoStu to the Team. Click here to find out more x

Also, here's Disco Stu's Burn decompression mix fo ya:





Track 1: MUNKEE

Track 2: A Silver Lining

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Start following John Monkman here on soundcloud x



UltraDelux are proud to present the first remix from Bryan Ferry's new upcoming single 'Shameless'. Written by Bryan Ferry and Groove Armada, Shameless sees the coming together of two iconic artists and will be released on Bryan Ferry's much anticipated album "Olympia". "UltraDelux" are London based duo Beesemyer & Chris Hanson.



Shameless UltraDelux by UltraDelux Records


Beesemyer remix of Bryan Ferry's famous track 'Limbo' Coming soon on UltraDelux

Limbo - Beesemyer RMX by UltraDelux Records



Technomancer - John Monkman, inc Manuel De La Mare RMX's by UltraDelux Records

UltraDelux is a brand new label for fresh electronic music. The aim of the label is to deliver uncompromising tracks, built for the dancefloor, with musicality and finesse. The first release, 'Technomancer' comes from label manager and co-founder John Monkman. After his debut solo release last year, 'Phono Spirit', appeared on Further Project Recordings (with a popular Lee Jones remix), John has been performing energetic live sets across the UK and as far away as Brazil. His style varies between driving synth-based techno and deep percussive house. This will be the first of many big tracks already hiding up John's sleeve to appear in 2010. 'Technomancer' is a colourful peak time banger, playful and trippy but driving to an epic climax. It has had people bouncing off the walls for long enough now to merit a full release. The remix comes courtesy of big-leaguer Manuel De La Mare (303Lovers) who pushes the melodies into a thumping peak of the peak-time techno grinder, while keeping lots of John Monkman's stunning synth work. The package is finished off with a Manuel's dub mix which keeps the intensity up but goes darker, focusing on the effects more and a DJ tool for the more technical DJs out there. Look out for more from John and ultraDelux in 2010.


UltraDelux is proud to present Electric Pacific:

Ghost by Electric Pacific Japanese by Electric Pacific


Born in an age of musical synergy, 'Electric Pacific' spill forth with a singular clarity. Behind the music live two individuals.

Sydney born Gavin Dwight has a varied musical heritage, most notably as front man and singer of london band 'Assembly Now' t

hrough the mid-noughties. Dwight also journeyed to India for a residency studying sitar and during his formative years, performed a spell in london as a post-folk singer.While studying cinematography at Goldsmith's College, Dwight met and lived with producer and keyboardist John Beesemyer-Monkman.

While Gavin tour

ed with the band, John developed his production skills, frequently releasing dance tracks and remixes under different aliases. John has toured and continues to tour the globe performing at dance festivals and large scale events, as well as working increasingly as a programmer and producer for established artists, recently including Bryan Ferry.

A mid 2009 catch-up between Gavin and John spawned a couple of tentative collaboration sessions, where it quickly became clear that the two worked quickly and energetically together writing luxurious and colourful synth-pop, forged with

JBM's soaring melodies and GD's compelling vocals.

Electric Pacific is the product of this creative partnership and the result is a 4-track that holds addictive shards of pop melody in tension with heaving synth bass lines and dance inducing drums.

The vision was always to create songs that would move seamlessly between the radio and the dance floor, moving the body and speaking to the mind. It worked!


Above are two new songs by Electric Pacific that we are giving you for free. Gavin and John have put alot of love into these track and we hope that when you listen to 'Japanese' and 'Ghost' you will understand why we are so excited to have them onboard the UltraDelux wagon.x